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Room To Move
The Eliminators are back with their 3rd CD of rockin’ surf guitar instrumentals, Room To Move.

For over 20 years, The Eliminators have remained a critically acclaimed Southern California surf instrumental band and Room To Move dramatically drives that point home. This is an eclectic collection of rock guitar instrumentals that transcend a strict surf guitar regimen.

While the traditional surf guitar sound is certainly evident here, this release also ventures into the spaghetti western style (“Snake Eyes”) with elements of the Memphis soul sound (“Slick”) and even big band instrumentals (“Steel Trap,” a cover of an obscure Link Wray recording).

Joining The Eliminators on this recording is author-guitarist John Blair (who also coproduced). His early band, Jon & The Nightriders, ignited a “second wave,” or modern school of instrumental surf music, in 1979 and his book, the Illustrated Discography of Surf Music, 1961-1965 is the most comprehensive discography of surf music recordings ever published (now in its 4th edition).

The pairing of Blair and The Eliminators’ Joe Kurkowski combines two of the foremost guitarists and composers in the history of surf-rock instrumental music.


1. Hang On (J. Kurkowski)
2. Walking Tall (J. Kurkowski)
3. Snake Eyes (B. Swanson, J. Kurkowski)
4. Balsa Chica (J. Blair)
5. Rockin’ Billy (B. Swanson)
6. Pool Party (B. Swanson)
7. Sonic Blue (J. Kurkowski)
8. Sunset Glide (J. Kurkowski)
9. Steel Trap (L. Wray)
10. Slick (D. Harlow)
11. Revenge of The Cowabunga Thunder Melvins (B. Swanson)
12. Marty’s Theme (J. Kurkowski)
13. One Gun is All You Need (C. Fesker)
14. Starlight Cruise (J. Kurkowski)

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Ultra Sonic Surf Guitars
Brand new sounds from the band that brought you the ground breaking album "Unleashed". This new album finds the boys pushing the envelope of instrumental surf music into a whole new scene, from the all out rockabilly sounds of "Mississippi leg hound" and the Mariachi flavored "El Barracho" to the psycho surf style of "Dr. Jelly Finger". Yet even with all of the varied influences, The Eliminators retain that unmistakable sound that makes them RED HOT! So sit back, crank the stereo and get RADICAL!

Songs - Requires Quicktime player
Parafin Jungle (J. Kurkowski)
E-Five (E. Fournier)
Long Live the King (J. Kurkowski)
Mississippi Leg Hound (J. Kurkowski)
Point Conception (N. Kuzee/R. Dalley)
Da Coffin (B. Swanson)
Mysto Reef (Wilson/Kurkowski/Hughes)  
El Borracho (J. Kurkowski)
Cross Steppin’ (J. Kurkowski) 
Monte Carlo Blues (J. Kurkowski)
Surf Sacrifice (B. Swanson)
Shifter (P. Wilson/J. Kurkowski)
Dr. Jelly Finger (D. Harlow)
The Breeze and I (Lecuoma/Stillman)

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The debut album from The Eliminators featuring twelve sizzling surf tunes from "The Worlds Hottest Surf Band". The realease of "Unleashed" has raised the standard in surf music to a whole new level with its thundering reverb drivin' guitars, hammering jungle drums and soaring sax leads, the boys seem out to prove a point. Produced by The Sandels, the band that brought you the soundtrack to the original "Endless Summer" movie, The Eliminators deliver a unique album recorded in yesterdays tradition for todays surfing lifestyle.

Songs - Requires Quicktime player
Boneyard (P. Wilson)
Johnny’s Noseride (B. Swanson)
Latiña (The Sentinels)
Chief Whoopin’ Koff (G. Tomsco)
Dawn Patrol (J. Kurkowski)
Rincon (J. Kurkowski)
Surfin’ Spies (J. Kurkowski)
Doho (B. Swanson)
Moment of Truth (L. Wood/D. Wiseman) 
Punta Baja (J. Kurkowski)
Bone Cruncher (J. Kurkowski)
The Lonely Sea (B. Swanson/P. Wilson)

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